About Me

Curious, perseverant and creative, I am above all passionate about the video-ludic medium.

Great follower of RPGs, table or virtual, the worlds of the imagination fascinate me from an early age. I discovered the pleasure of the imagination with tales, then novels and later, video games. It was this last phase that led me, at 11, to create my first game with the now famous RPG Maker.

The passion has not left me since, and it is now on the Unreal Engine 4 that I experiment my concepts.

In constant learning, I strive, during my various professional experiences, to acquire the rigor, the autonomy and the working methods necessary to the job of Designer. Through multiple projects, learning to adapt to constraints and respect deadlines while developing my knowledge and technical skills.

I was able to work with developers, graphic designers and other designers in different teams, exploring different approaches to the Designer profession. I experimented with writing scripts, production documents, creating prototypes and creating new features and balancing them.

Mastered Softwares